Soul Clap

Everyweek we all look forward to ALOHA FRIDAY, but we especially look forward to the very last friday of the month! Our homies DJ Eskae & Nocturnal Sound Krew got you covered this and every last Friday of the Month, Soul Clap at thirtyninehotel. See you there.


Media: Honozooloo.com

Honozooloo Aaron graced us with his presence at the Pancho Abalos solo art show this past Saturday. Good times homie, and we got hella dope pictures to show for it. Not only is he a photographer, he's a graphic designer, web designer, camera wiz expert(thanks for all the advice!) and much more, check his site out Honozooloo.com.


genuineHI x exclusive

Jake from genuineHI got you covered this Spring Break with two events this Thursday and Saturday!! Hit him up for the Saturday pre-sale $5 Guestlist.


I'm pretty excited about Saturday, I get to see all my homies take part in the same event, Art by bff KOAK (the most illest of the ill), Creed (I haven't seen you in forever, since last year i think?), DJ Liger (can't wait to hear your set, and maybe a little dancey-dancey?!), Manovich (Shanell & Larry I miss you guys!)) It's going to be a good night...good peoples and good vibes, come join us!


Obama Ohana?!

Gifts from a birdy...a little something I got in the mail today...Shepard Fairy x Obama Campaign Poster & Stickers!!

Shepard Fairy first released the Obama Hope and Progess posters a few weeks back. Select few received them, and they quickly sold out on Obey’s site when they were released to the public. I think you can get them on ebay for a few bills$$$$s.

“I believe with great conviction that Barack Obama should be the next President. I have been paying close attention to him since the Democratic convention in 2004. I feel that he is more a statesman than a politician. He was against the war when it was an unpopular position (and Hillary was for the war at that time), Obama is for energy and environmental conservation. He is for healthcare reform. Check him out for yourself www.barackobama.com. Proceeds from this print go to produce prints for a large statewide poster campaign. Thanks. -Shepard Fairy”


recap: exclusiveXpancho

Aloha Ohana!! Happy Easter!! Mucho Mahalos to everyone that came out last night to Pancho Abalos Art Show "Artist Proof". Mann though it was HOT, it was a GOOD thing, plenty people showed LOVE. It was a DOPE success for my homie, its always to good to see all the supporters, friends and family unite! "Artist Proof" will be up in the shop for about one month, so if you slept on the show, it's all good come on down and peep the art, start your collection, add to your collection or simply buy one of the Limited Pancho x Exclusive tees (we have a few left for men & women). Thank you for not sleeping on HAWAII's underground artist.
Pancho's Ohana (missing son Elijah)

Oh wait, there he is! Elijah rocking the fresh new air jordans!

the homies, we support each other always!!

VIEW MORE PHOTOS HERE:>> aTypicalLiving, Honolulu Night Life Diaries, R-Zone, Honozooloo and Lucky We Live Hawaii flickr (our new joint!). Big Mahalos to God the Almighty, my Ohana, my bear, Pancho Abalos & Ohana, Vitamin Water, lightsleepers, Star Bulletin, Honolulu Advertiser, M.I.S.S, the homies, everyone who helped spread the word, everyone who came and showed MAD ALOHA. Mahalo Nui Loa.


exclusive: location

Took some bulding shots today, in hopes that it will better help you understand exactly where we are located. I'm sure if you grew up in Hawaii, you know exactly where we are...in the "rainbow" color building aka Hawaiian Life Building. Or as some of us can remember the old Radio-Free Hawaii Spot. Either way most of us are much more visual.

If you are headed EAST bound on KAPIOLANI Blvd we will be on the RIGHT, PASS AutoSource, PASS the PIIKOI & KAPIOLANI intersection and take a RIGHT into our Parking Lot. (Before Venus & Olounge)

If you are headed NORTH bound on PIIKOI (One Way Street), after you pass ALAMOANA & PAYLESS/BLOCKBUSTER (Kona Street), Stay on your far RIGHT and turn RIGHT into the Parking Lot which is BEFORE the PIIKOI & KAPIOLANI intersection.

Hope this information helps, if you get lost or need directions, don't hesitate to call us #808.593.9699.



Exclusive x Pancho Abalos Tee

Aloha! New Exclusive tee featuring homie and artist Pancho Abalos. This tee will be released this Saturday, March 22 at the opening of Pancho Abalos’ solo art show, "Artist Proof" at EXCLUSIVE 5pm-9pm. Though you can’t see it, there is a back print. Limited to 75 pieces (Raspberry) for the ladies, and 40 (Black) t-shirts for the fellas. How siick is this?!



Love it when homies collaborations are siick fresh. Whether you're going to buy one to rock and one to stock, this piece is timeless and hella cheap considering it's WOEBOT'S art. Don't sleep!




(ABOVE: iKandy, Sharp Edge Spring Tee)

& silver car decals/vinly stickers

FOR MORE INFO: Prototype, Pearl Ridge Mall 484-8913
www. inspirecreativity. com com


Pancho Abalos Art Show

Our first in-store solo Art Show featuring homie, Pancho Abalos. I met this kat back in 2005, through my moms who use to work for the same company. I'm sure you've seen his work, or maybe his influences out there. But let me say, he is original, his style is distinctive, and he's color schemes are endless. Before he moves to LA this summer, we wanted to dedicate an art show to him. Saturday, March 22, from 5:00pm - 9:00pm at exclusive we will be featuring "Artist Proof" by Pancho Abalos as well as a shirt collaboration, you don't want to sleep on. Art Show is free and open to the public, see you there!
"Pancho Abalos work displays a lush imagination, and a vast conceptual grasp. He merges plants, cityscapes and human introspection in powerful organic paintings rich with color and immediacy.

PANCHO was born in Quezon city, Philippines. He grew up moving all over but always was rooted in his love for cartoons, hip-hop and graffiti. Influences range from Transformers to Samurai Champoo. He studied Graphic Design at Bob Jones University, in Greenville South Carolina. He attributes his past 16 years of Hawaii living with inspiring a new level of mastery and technique.

PANCHO has achieved success in his Oahu shows including his live murals in the Ground Up Movement. He has shown in Los Angeles, the Philippines and has received several awards in juried exhibitions. His work will be seen around the world with major interest in showing in New York, Europe and Tokyo." -via Ong King


iKandy DROP!

ALOOOOOHA! I want to personally thank everyone for the support throughout the years. Big MAHALOS to you!! Kicking off Spring with a shirt colorway inspired by the beautiful flowers around us, Pink Plumerias, Purple Orchids, and Jade Ginger. Droping today, March 7th at EXCLUSIVE, at the corner of Piikoi & Kapiolani. Size run is Small - XLarge.


Do What You Love...

Now Available at EXCLUSIVE Boutique, $1 each. Mahalo for your support!