Pancho Abalos Art Show

Our first in-store solo Art Show featuring homie, Pancho Abalos. I met this kat back in 2005, through my moms who use to work for the same company. I'm sure you've seen his work, or maybe his influences out there. But let me say, he is original, his style is distinctive, and he's color schemes are endless. Before he moves to LA this summer, we wanted to dedicate an art show to him. Saturday, March 22, from 5:00pm - 9:00pm at exclusive we will be featuring "Artist Proof" by Pancho Abalos as well as a shirt collaboration, you don't want to sleep on. Art Show is free and open to the public, see you there!
"Pancho Abalos work displays a lush imagination, and a vast conceptual grasp. He merges plants, cityscapes and human introspection in powerful organic paintings rich with color and immediacy.

PANCHO was born in Quezon city, Philippines. He grew up moving all over but always was rooted in his love for cartoons, hip-hop and graffiti. Influences range from Transformers to Samurai Champoo. He studied Graphic Design at Bob Jones University, in Greenville South Carolina. He attributes his past 16 years of Hawaii living with inspiring a new level of mastery and technique.

PANCHO has achieved success in his Oahu shows including his live murals in the Ground Up Movement. He has shown in Los Angeles, the Philippines and has received several awards in juried exhibitions. His work will be seen around the world with major interest in showing in New York, Europe and Tokyo." -via Ong King