groundUP Art Show

Big Ups to Noah and the groundUP family!


Made In Hawaii Festival

The day starts at 8:00am, arriving just in time to set up before the doors open at 10:00am. Friday was great, a lot of peeps came through the first day to make sure they got their size in what they want. Big ups to the fam and homies who stopped by: Melanie, Susie, Baby Shaun, Koak, Newkon, Lofa, Luke, My boo and family. Saturday & Sunday came and went, working with my fav Nicole and Philip, slanging shirts, and snacking all day! Big shouts to Aunty Lilikoi, thanks for the butter! It was great seeing my different business/vendor friends I made over the past 2 years. I always love meeting and making new friends, thanks to all who came down and to those who found us.

Friday: 8/17/07

Saturday: 8/18/07


Set Up: Made In Hawaii

The day is finally here! Setting up takes time, work and sweat but it's always exciting! The vision in my dreams pulls together...
Pack, Load, & Go! Took 3 cars to load everything!

My brother & dad, go team strong!

Too much stuff, so little space.

Mom behind pinning the backdrop.

naked mannequins

shirt folding & fixing

The fun part, dressing Mannequins


Fall'07: Silk Screen Printing

Late Nights & Early Mornings, pretty much sums it up for the past two weeks. Imagine staying in a HOT warehouse all day, printing seperations, tri-locking film, mixing colors, burning screens, printing shirts, eating pizza, drinking tons of water, listening to darrens ipod with depressing love songs, no really, i had no control over the music, next time i'll bring some good ol' neil armstrong. A long process and tons of labor of love. Like always the best part of creating the designs, is seeing it come to life.

iKandy all day every day.

the ink room.

custom colors.

fall custom color, electric purple

one of many many screens.

Fall Logo Racerback Tanks

Press: MidWeek


iKandy @ Made In Hawaii Festival

iKandy Fall Hotness to be released at the Made In Hawaii Festival! Clothing, Stickers, Button-Pins and more! See you there! Don't Sleep Ladies!


MidWeek Photoshoot

Made In Hawaii Festival PRESS, Bright Light Marketing hooked it up this year, and choose iKandy to be one of the featured companies in the Made In Hawaii MidWeek Fashion Spread. Though the shirts weren't printed yet, thanks to John, Pizza Hut Delivery and one long day ending at 3:00 AM we printed all the samples by hand! The photo shoot started 9:00 am at AlaMoana Magic Island, we woke up soooo early! Big thanks to God, who makes anything possible, my girlfriends: Melanie, Kris, and Nicole; my mom for the snacks; John for helping me print my samples in time; Huy @ Bright Light Marketing; and Midweek.