exclusive: location

Took some bulding shots today, in hopes that it will better help you understand exactly where we are located. I'm sure if you grew up in Hawaii, you know exactly where we are...in the "rainbow" color building aka Hawaiian Life Building. Or as some of us can remember the old Radio-Free Hawaii Spot. Either way most of us are much more visual.

If you are headed EAST bound on KAPIOLANI Blvd we will be on the RIGHT, PASS AutoSource, PASS the PIIKOI & KAPIOLANI intersection and take a RIGHT into our Parking Lot. (Before Venus & Olounge)

If you are headed NORTH bound on PIIKOI (One Way Street), after you pass ALAMOANA & PAYLESS/BLOCKBUSTER (Kona Street), Stay on your far RIGHT and turn RIGHT into the Parking Lot which is BEFORE the PIIKOI & KAPIOLANI intersection.

Hope this information helps, if you get lost or need directions, don't hesitate to call us #808.593.9699.