Made In Hawaii 2009

Aloha Fam! Thank you to everyone who checked us out at the Made In Hawaii Festival! This year was a bit challenging being preggos, then having a baby , printing shirts, folding shirts and getting everything else ready in 2 weeks prior to the show. Thank you Heavenly Father & Jesus who made all things possible! And of course I have to also thank my family: Mom, Dad, Philip, TJ, Joselyn my best friends: Melanie, Susie, Susan, and the krew: Courtney, Dahnee, Christen, Marivic, Jessica, Nicole, Lofa for holding it down at the Kiosk & expo! Our new designs released & now available at iKandy Kiosk @ Pearlridge. See you soon!

Got my nailsdid

Our new heart is hot pink!!

The set up, backdrop hand painted by my mother, thank you!!

Dahnee got her nailsdid especially for the show

smile Dahnee, its actually Danielle :)

Saturday Krew! Dahnee, Me, & Courtney


Thanks for coming!!

See you all next year! xoxo