Made In Hawaii Festival

The day starts at 8:00am, arriving just in time to set up before the doors open at 10:00am. Friday was great, a lot of peeps came through the first day to make sure they got their size in what they want. Big ups to the fam and homies who stopped by: Melanie, Susie, Baby Shaun, Koak, Newkon, Lofa, Luke, My boo and family. Saturday & Sunday came and went, working with my fav Nicole and Philip, slanging shirts, and snacking all day! Big shouts to Aunty Lilikoi, thanks for the butter! It was great seeing my different business/vendor friends I made over the past 2 years. I always love meeting and making new friends, thanks to all who came down and to those who found us.

Friday: 8/17/07

Saturday: 8/18/07